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Individual Notes

Killed By Heathens!
It sounds like the script of a movie, but the Dolloff family really did have its' problems with native indian tribes. Two of Christian's sons, James in 1691 and John in 1707, were murdered by indians, and later three of the Dolloff grandchildren were kidnapped by indians and taken into the Canadian territories. Sarah eventually married into the tribe and never returned to the family. Her sister Margaret and brother John were ransomed and returned.

American Patriots

If you see a red, white, and blue, pennant and you a direct descendent of that man, congratulations! Three Dolloff men are recognized as American Patriots - either having served with the Continental Army or Navy during the Revolution, or known to have given substantial aid and support to the cause of the Revolution. These descendents are eligible for membership in the National Society of the Sons of The American Revolution (NSSAR) or the Daughters of The American Revolution (DAR).


A blue union with two stars indicates the ancestor was a veteran and shows the era of service, or the branch of service if non-wartime. If the union has a red stripe the ancestor died while in service.

Jane Knox, spouse of Josiah Dolloff, was a much younger sister of Major General Henry Knox, one of the leaders of the Continental Army.

David Dolloff (b1784) served in the War of 1812.

Christian Logardin Dolloff (1638-08/18/1708)
-(m1 ) Rachel Moulton (16??-16??)

Mary Dolloff (02/17/1667->??/??/1739)  Born Exeter, NH 
-(m ) James Gilman (16??-1739)

John Dolloff (02/17/1668-09/15/1707)  Born Exeter, NH 

James Dolloff (12/25/1670-08/04/1691)

-(m2 10/10/1674) Sarah Scammon (1638-08/18/1708)

Samuel Dolloff (c1675->??/??/1741)
-(m c1702) ??? ???? (????-????)

Richard Dolloff (c1675-08/29/1750)
-(m c1700) Catherine Bean (??/??/1680-c1744)

Sarah Dolloff (01/10/1702-??/??/17??)

Margaret Dolloff (03/18/1704-??/??/17??)
-(m ) William Smith (17??-17??)

Abigail Dolloff (02/26/1706-??/??/17??)

John Dolloff (04/20/1708-??/??/1744)  Born Exeter, NH 
-(m ) Mary Miles (17??-17??)  Born Conway, NH 

John Dolloff (c1742-c1811)  Born Exeter, NH    
-(m 10/26/1771) Mary Webster (17??-1???)

Abner Dolloff (10/23/1772-1???)  Born Conway, NH 

Hannah Dolloff (09/07/1774-1???)  Born Conway, NH 

William Dolloff (11/15/1776-1???)  Born Conway, NH 

Miles Dolloff (01/15/1779-1???)  Born Conway, NH 

Sarah Dolloff (01/16/1781-1???)  Born Conway, NH 
-(m ) Noah Eastman (17??-1???)

Katherine Dolloff (11/28/1782-1???)

David Dolloff (09/21/1784-1???)  Born Conway, NH 

John Webster Dolloff (04/14/1786-04/28/1862)  Born Conway, NH 

Emily Dolloff (04/23/1788-1???)
-(m ) Joseph Loud (17??-1???)

Osgood Dolloff (07/14/1790-1???)

Infant Dolloff (1792-1792)

Thomas Dolloff (05/08/1794-1???)

Richard Dolloff (02/26/1796-1???)

Henry Dolloff (04/27/1798-1???)

Josiah Dolloff (c1758-02/18/1830)  Born Exeter, NH    
-(m ) Jane Knox (11/26/1758-06/09/1817)  Born Penbrooke, NH 

Mary Dolloff (05/10/1781-1???)  Born NH 

Anna Dolloff (09/07/1783-1???)  Born NH 

Elizabeth Dolloff (08/24/1785-1???)  Born Conway, NH 
-(m 03/11/809) Thomas Adams (17??-18??)

Charles Adams (1810-18??)  Born Limerick, Maine 
-(m 10/04/1835) Anna Hoyt (18??-1???)

Eliphalet Adams (08/30/1836-1???)  Born Readfield, Maine 

Albert C Adams (03/28/1816-11/27/1894)  Born Limerick, Maine 
-(m 09/26/1837) Rebecca Jane Tibletts (03/22/1819-19??)  Born Boothbay, Maine 

Evelyn Adams (c1839-08/1886<)  Born Maine 
-(m 11/25/1858) Allen E Wiley (c1836-1???)  Born Indiana 

James N Adams (c1841-08/1886<)  Born Maine 

Indiana Adams (c1842-1???)  Born Indiana 
-(m1 08/26/1860) Marion Voris (18??-1???)

George Alvin Voris (04/1861-1???)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 
-(m 09/01/1880) Anna Winnie Cooper (06/??/1863-19??)  Born Ohio Co, Indiana 

Marion Voris (1884-1???)

Charles S Voris (1886-1???)

Clifton Voris (1889-1964)

India Sofia Voris (1891-1???)

Etta Voris (1894-1???)

Maggie Voris (1897-1???)

Russell Voris (1800-1977)

Eugene Edward Voris (1902-1989)

??? Voris (b19??)

-(m2 03/22/1866) Francis A. Murphy (18??-1???)

Clarissa Adams (09/??/1844-1???)  Born Indiana 
-(m 02/04/1864) John F Murphy (11/??/1843-1???)  Born Indiana 

Carry Murphy (c1868-1???)  Born Indiana 

Charley Murphy (c1870-1???)  Born Indiana 

Louis K Murphy (c1873-1???)  Born Indiana 

Cory Murphy (c1875-1???)  Born Indiana 

William Murphy (c1887-1???)  Born Indiana 

??? Murphy (c18??-1???)  Born Indiana 

??? Murphy (c18??-1???)  Born Indiana 

Elizabeth E Adams (07/??/1846-12/05/1906)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 
-(m1 08/26/1864) James Wallace Jackson (09/06/1844-04/15/1917)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 

Lawrence Wilmer Jackson (06/25/1865-06/25/1901)  Born Bennington, Indiana 
-(m 08/16/1887) Katherine Adele Pittman (02/05/1871-11/18/1950)  Born Dupont, Indiana 

Nest Harriet Jackson (1888-1962)

Pauline Roberta Jackson (1890-1948)

Dora Jackson (1869-1946)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 
-(m1 03/09/1887) John I Williams (18??-1???)  Born Jackson Co, Missour 

Aurora Williams (1891-1983)

-(m2 ) Jacob Boesch (18??-10/24/1924)

Joseph Boesch (1897-19??)

Josephine Boesch (1899-19??)

??? Boesch (b19??)

Carl A Boesch (1907-19951

Marie Boesch (1909-1993)

??? Boesch (b19??)

Albert Coe Jackson (c1870-1???)

-(m2 >08/1886) ??? Wiggam (18??-189?)

Charles G Adams (05/??/1848-1???)  Born Indiana 
-(m 10/01/1871) Mary J Morrison (07/26/1853-1???)  Born Indiana 

George Chester Adams (02/01/1873-1???)  Born Indiana 

Charles Herbert Adams (09/16/1880-04/??/1971)  Born Indiana 

Madora Emeline Adams (1850-1???)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 
-(m 09/03/1871) William T O'Brien

Mary Celestia Adams (c1851-1???)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 
-(m 09/29/1872) John C Pearce (1850-05/08/1879  Born Indiana 

Bessie Pearce (04/??/1879-1???)  Born Indiana 

Emma J Adams (03/24/1854-06/25/1880)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 
-(m 09/29/1872) Lyman Beecher Slawson (04/07/1853-10/20/1933)  Born Vevay, Indiana 

Eugene E Slawson (1874-???)  Born Indiana 

Indiana Slawson (1877-???)

George A Adams (1856-1???)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 
-(m 04/18/1880) Sallie E Simmons (11/??/1853-1???)  Born Indiana 

Ernest D Adams (03/1881-1???)  Born Indiana 

Carl S Adams (05/1883-1???)  Born Indiana 

Edna C Adams (06/1888-1???)  Born Indiana 

Albert C Adams (c1857-1???)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 
-( 09/12/1886) Hannah Hotchkiss (18??-1???)

Eugene R Adams (04/1860-1???)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 
-(m ) Maud E ???? (18??-1???)

Maurice Adams (1894-1???)

Leora B Adams (c1861-1???)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 
-(m 09/09/1884) Ira P Turner (18??-1???)

Oliver P Adams (1864-04/19/1871)  Born Switzerland Co, Indiana 

Harriet E Adams (1818-07/28/1843)  Born Limerick, Maine 

Thomas F Adams (1820-18??)  Born Limerick, Maine 

Boy Adams (1821-01/09/1824)  Born Limerick, Maine 

Abigail Dolloff (09/29/1786-1???)  Born Conway, NH 

Susannah Dolloff (11/03/1788-1???)  Born NH 

Josiah Dolloff (05/29/1790-11/19/1857)  Born Conway, NH 
-(m 1818) Abigail ??? (Sherwin) (09/298/1786-07/02/1865) Widow

William Knox Dolloff (09/13/1819-01/19/1904)  Born Stanstead, Quebec 
-(m ) Betsey Lorimer (06/01/1831-19???)

Emily Dolloff (01/01/1822-1???)
-(m ) Jeremiah Harris (18??-1???)

Denis Dolloff (08/04/1823-1871<)
-(m ) Lucy Ann Oliver (c1830-1???)  Born Quebec 

Adeline Dolloff (02/19/1825-07/12/1866)

Angeline Dolloff (02/06/1827-12/12/1891) Spinster

Hannah Dolloff (09/12/1829-01/??/1855 Spinster

Samuel Knox Dolloff (06/03/1792-03/20/1862)  Born Conway, NH   Died/Buried Stanstead/Fitch Bay, Quebec 
-(m 06/01/1819) Laura Packard (??/??/1797-??/??/1852) Born VT

Hammond Aubrey Dolloff (06/09/1820-12/22/1900)  Born Stanstead, Quebec   Died/Buried Stanstead/Fitch Bay, Quebec 
-(m ) Luthera Gage (18??-1???)

Betsey Dolloff (01/28/1822-1898)  Born Stanstead, Quebec 
-(m ) William C Ladd (18??-1???)

Artemisia P Dolloff (02/26/1824-06/06/1866)  Born Stanstead, Quebec  Spinster  Died/Buried Stanstead/Fitch Bay, Quebec 

Samuel Ferdinand Dolloff (04/24/1826-1???)  Born Stanstead, Quebec 
-(m ) Sarah J Israel (18??-1???)

Florilla Dolloff (01/03/1831-06/21/1885)  Born Stanstead, Quebec 
-(m ) J E McKay

Erastus P Dolloff (04/09/1838-04/12/1842)

John Dolloff (11/18/1794-11/18/1842)  Born Conway, NH 
-(m 1834) Olive Johnson (1???-18???)

Wilson Dolloff (1835-06/08/1863)   Born Stanstead, Quebec  

Pyrene Dolloff (01/03/1798-??/??/1850)  Born Conway, NH 
-(m ) Daniel Shurtleff (1???-18??)

Royal Dolloff (08/10/1800-c1840)  Born Conway, NH 

Judah Dana Dolloff (08/13/1804-08/11/1867)   Born Conway, NH  
-(m c1826) Anne Tilton (05/20/1804-05/20/1868)

Mary Jane Dolloff (09/12/1827-1???)  Born Stanstead, Quebec 

Lavinia Dolloff (03/25/1829-1???)  Born Stanstead, Quebec 

Gilbert Dolloff (12/03/1831-1???)  Born Stanstead, Quebec 

Phebe Ann Dolloff (07/16/1833-1???)  Born Stanstead, Quebec 

Wealthy Ann Dolloff (06/18/1835-1???)  Born Stanstead, Quebec 

Almira Hicks Dolloff (02/15/1837-1???)  Born St Albans, Vermont 

Samuel Dolloff (03/11/1839-c1840)  Born Chateaugay, New York 

Samuel Dolloff (03/08/1842-04/25/1910?)  Born Chateaugay, New York 
-(m 09/08/1867) Jeanette McGibbon (02/17/1843-10/15/1921)  Born Chateaugay, New York 

Jennie Dolloff (1871-1918)  Born Chateaugay, New York 
-(m 08/21/1889) Oscar Hammond (18??-1???)

Gilbert Hammond (19??-19??)  Born Kansas 

Verne Hammond (19??-19??)  Born Kansas 

Anna Belle Dolloff (05/12/1872-07/03/1957)  Born Chateaugay, New York 
-(m ) 05/08/1897 Leo E Sonnenberg (04/12/1868-11/06/1918)  Born Grunheim, Prussia 

Milo Emmett Sonnenberg (05/20/1899-12/22/1968)  Born Gaylord, Kansas 
-(m ) Hazel Margaret Hargraves (11/10/1902-09/10/1982)

Eugene Sonnenberg (1928-1982)

Ruby Irene Sonnenberg (06/09/1903-05/08/1975)  Born Gaylord, Kansas 
-(m 01/30/1921) Charles Newton Weston (06/02/1898-03/??/1993)

Ruth Sonnenberg (1906-1982)  Born Gaylord, Kansas 
-(m 09/01/1927) Howard Hackstaff (06/03/1892-08/??/1973)

Larry Hackstaff (1931-1975)

James Dolloff (02/1876-1???)  Born New York 
-(m ) ??? ???? (18??-1???)

John Dolloff (18??-1???)

Samuel Dolloff (03/03/1879-02/13/1951)  Born Chateaugay, New York 
-(m 10/24/1906) Blanche Swank (18??-1???)

Harvey Dolloff (04/15/1909-04/17/1935)  Born Gaylord, Kansas 

Herbert Dolloff (10/04/1884-08/07/1973)  Born Gaylord, Kansas 
-(m 189?) Ida Bentley (18??-1???)

Geroge Dolloff (19??-1???)
-(m ) Emily ???? (19??-19??)

Grace Maude Dolloff (01/19/1886-04/06/1959)  Born Gaylord, Kansas 
-(m 02/24/1904) Leonidas Ernest Swank (04/16/1879-09/21/1962)  Born Osborne Co, Kansas 

Ada Rhea Swank (01/07/1905-01/28/1979)  Born Harlan, Kansas 

Vada Maye Swank (01/10/1907-01/01/1973)  Born Harlan, Kansas 
-(m 11/10/1928) Erwin Riley Perkins (1???-11/25/1938)

Lillis Lucile Swank (06/08/1915-11/24/1981)  Born Gaylord, Kansas 

Merle Edward Swank (02/25/1917->1993)  Born Gaylord, Kansas 

Lester Earl Swank (11/23/1920-07/03/1993)  Born Gaylord, Kansas 

William H Swank (18??-1???)
-(m 02/24/1904) Minnie Marcella Newell (10/01/1885-09/03/1926)  Born Gaylord, Kansas 

Susan B Dolloff (02/03/1843-1???)  Born Chateaugay, New York 

Wellington Dolloff (03/16/1846-1???)  Born Chateaugay, New York 

James H Dolloff (11/28/1848-1???)  Born Chateaugay, New York 

Ferdinand Dolloff (18??-18??)  Born Conway, NH 

Jane Dolloff (18??-18??)  Born Conway, NH 

Mary Dolloff (1806-18??)  Born Conway, NH 

William Dolloff (175?-18??)

Joseph Dolloff (17??-1???)

Jonathan Dolloff (10/17/1710-??/??/17??)
-(m ) Mary Young (17??-17??)

David Dolloff (c1712-??/??/1749)
-(m ) Mary Dolloff

Abner Dolloff (c17??-??/??/1784)
-(m1 ) Miriam ???? (17??-c11/16/1764)

Mercy Dolloff (12/06/1752-10/31/1784)  Born Exeter, NH 
-(m 02/27/1775) Joseph Purmot (1748-1???)

Richard Dolloff (01/02/1755-10/24/1845)
-(m ) ??? ???? (c1765-08/24/1852)

David Dolloff (11//19/1757-1???)

Phineas Dolloff (04/11/1759-08/28/1809)  Born Exeter, NH    
-(m c1780) Abigail Smith (1759-07/05/1822)  Born Brentwood, NH 

??? Dolloff (17??-1???)
-(m ) ??? ???? (17??-1???)

Hezekiah Dolloff (18??-18??)
-(m 06/23/1837) Sarah 'Sally' B Webster (18??-09/12/1892)  Born Maine 

LaForest H Dolloff (1843-1920)
-(m 03/24/1867) Arvilla C Coville (1846-1902)

Ernest Dolloff (07/12/1870-09/??/1958)
-(m 08/12/1899) Elizabeth Oswald (18??-196?)

Howard Dolloff (18??-197?)
-(m ) ??? ???? (19??-196?)

Ida Dolloff (1904/??/05/??/1947)
-(m1 10/27/1920 ) Basil Spencer Robart (03/25/1900-09/14/1956)  Born Michigan 

Shirley Mae Robart (07/18/1922-03/23/1991)  Born Stanton, Michigan 
-(m 01/25/1944) Glenn Wyant Wonnacott (07/30/1920-03/31/1974)  Born St Louis, Michigan 

Glenn Wyant Wonnacott II (b1944)  Born Melbourne, Florida 

LeRoy Basil Wonnacott (b1950)  Born Melbourne, Florida 

-(m2 193?) Leslie Woodard (189?-07/05/1972)  Born Michigan 

LoDema Dolloff (02/01/1897-04/1975)
-(m ) Richard Robart (19??-197?)

Lola Dolloff (19??-05/??/1947)
-(m ) Charles W Steere (1914-03/???1980)

Alma Pearl Dolloff (06/25/1875-08/14/1960)  Born Montcalm Co, Michigan 
-(m 09/06/1899) William Elmer Strait (12/14/1876-11/02/1953)  Born Iowa 

Mary Belle Strait (10/05/1900)-02/18/1999)  Born Crystal, Michigan 
-(m 03/24/1923) Elmer Holland (18??-1939)

Raymond Keith Holland (02/10/1926-10/07/1950)
-(m 01/30/1946) Phyllis G Blanchard (b1927)

Linda Sue Holland (b12/24/1949)

Alice Louise Holland (b09/07/1924)  Born Ferris, Montcalm Co, Michigan 
-(m 06/29/1946) Theodore M Johnson (06/23/1924-03/11/1984)

Mary Louise Johnson (b09/22/1947)
-(m1 10/09/1969) Ron Ayers

-(m2 ) Thomas Kennedy

Judy Ann Johnson (b06/05/1949)
-(m 04/23/1988) Robert A Plummer

Theodore C Johnson (b08/12/1951)

Marshall E Johnson (b06/12/1954)
-(m 01/31/1976) Sharon Rodriguez (b19??)

Gerald E Johnson (b03/01/1956)

Dean M Johnson (b05/16/1957)

Marshall Elmer Holland (b01/11/1929)
-(m 07/09/1949) Janice Durbin (07/02/1931)

Marsha Holland (b06/15/1950)

Stephen Holland (b09/08/1951)

Donnal Holland (b01/31/1954)

Jeanette Holland (b02/03/1956)

David Holland (b07/01/1958)

Gary Holland (b08/29/1961)

Kathryn Pearl Strait (07/17/1904-2004)
-(m 004/11/1924) Alfred Newburg (08/15/1902-03/11/1924)

Patricia Elaine Newburg (b02/08/1930)
-(m 03/28/1950) G A Olofsson Jr

Richard Alfred Newburg (b12/08/1933)
-(m 06/20/1953) Diane Verna U'Ren

Thelma A Strait (09/06/1902-03/19/1984)  Born Ferris, Montcalm Co, Michigan 
-(m ) Alfred Shoen (18??-1952)

Donald C Schoen (01/01/1933-11/14/198)  Born Belmont, Michigan 

Al Schoen Jr (b19??)

William Schoen (b19??)

Robert Schoen (b19??)

Connie Schoen (b19??)

Mildred Strait (03/24/1907-1936)  Born Crystal, Montcalm Co, Michigan 
-(m ) Fred Pollock (1???-1???)

Ned Pollock (193?-2004)

Jack Pollock (b193?)
-(m ) Joan Kennett (b19??)

William Marshall Strait (03/23/1911-200?)
-(m1 Grace Pollock (19??-19??)

-(m 05/16/1935) Mildred Ann Myers (10/12/1913-12/11/1983)  Born Grove Hill, Ohio 

William Maxwell Strait (05/13/1938-1938)

Stuart Marshall Strait (b03/20/1940)

Tamara Lynn Strait (b01/23/1944)

Abner Dolloff (1763-12/19/1839)

-(m2 ) Hannah ???? Purmont (17??-17??)

Jesse Dolloff (1776-03/??/1788)
-(m ) Abigail Gordon

Ann Dolloff (c17??-??/??/17??)

Thomas Dolloff (c1680-12/01/1722)  Born Exeter, NH 
-(m c1710) Lydia Gordon (c1692-c1732)  Born Exeter, NH 

Amos Dolloff (c1712-??/??/1745)
-(m ) Sarah ????

Clement Dolloff (17??-1???)

Nicholas Dolloff (c1712-01/??/1790)
-(m 01/23/1733) Elizabeth West (10/??/1712-c1778) Born New Hampshire

Thomas Dolloff (c1721-??/??/1797)

Prudence Dolloff (17??->1708)

Katherine Dolloff (17??->1708)